Planning Committee

Allied Health Section Planning Committee

Kerry Mansell, BSP, PharmD, MBA
Allied Health Section Co-Chair

Steve Chalifoux, RN
Rachel Dickens, RD
JM Gamble, PharmD
Cynthia Keith, RD
Janice Knapp, RN
Laurel Leuschen, RD
Gail MacNeill, RN, MEd, CDE
James Morrell, RN
Sharon Parmar, RN
Leta Philp, RN
Kim Young, RD
Special Interest Group (SIG) Chairs
Zaina Albalawi, MD
Julia Bannister, M,Ed,MSW,RSW,CDE
Barbara Cleave, RN
Michelle Depner
Robyn Evans, MD
Ariane Godbout, MD
Cynthia Iamarino, CNS
Susie Jin, RPh, CDE,CRE
Jill Middlemiss, RD
Sarah Moore, NP
April Plumton, RPN
Kathleen Smith
Tom Weisz, DCh., IIWCC

Scientific Section Planning Committee

Christine Doucette, Ph.D.
Scientific Section Co-Chair
Clinical Science Sub-Committee

Harpreet Bajaj, MD, MPH, ECNU, FACE
Sonia Butalia, MD, FRCPC, MSc
Claudia Gagnon, MD, Ph.D.
Mahua Ghosh, M.B.B.S., Ph.D.
Jeremy Gilbert, MD, FRCPC
James Kim, MBBCh, PgDip (Diabetes)
Eyal Kraut, MD
Anna Lam, MD, MSc.
Jonathan McGavock, Ph.D.
Brandy Wicklow, MD, MSc
Basic Science Sub-Committee
Robin Duncan, Ph.D.
Pedro-Miguel Geraldes, Ph.D.
Jim Johnson, Ph.D.
Dan Luciani, Ph.D.
Erin Mulvihill, Ph.D.
Bruce Verchere, Ph.D.
Jane Yardley, Ph.D.

Indigenous Science and Content Section Planning Committee

Dale Steinhauer
Indigenous Science and Content Section Co-Chair

Marisa Cardinal
Jeff LaPlante
Marilee Nowgesic
Brigitte Pereira
Julianne Sanguins, RN PhD
Natalie Wowk-Slukynsky, RD, IBCLC

CSEM Section Planning Committee

Stan Van Uum, MD, Ph.D., FRCPC
CSEM Section Co-Chair

Sara Awad, MD
Jean-Patrice Baillargeon, MD, FRCPC
Isabelle Bourdeau, MD, FRCPC
Jeremy Gilbert, MD, FRCPC
Sabrina Gill, MD, FRCPC
Andrea Haqq, MD, MHS, FRCPC, FAAP
Catherine Kelly, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Heather Lochnan, MD, FRCPC
Nadia Moledina, MD, FRCPC
Katherine Morrison, MD, FRCPC
Ralf Paschke, MD, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Rosolowsky, MD, FRCPC
Naomi Severin, MD, FRCPC
Churn-Ern Yip, MD, FRCPC